Basic Fire Fighting

Perform basic fire fighting

Gain the capability to select and use the appropriate firefighting equipment to extinguish or control fires in the workplace. Identify types of fires, its context and select the appropriate firefighting procedure. Gain practical knowledge of inspecting firefighting equipment.



Understand and deal with HIV / AIDS

Learn how to demonstrate an understanding of HIV/ AIDS issues affecting you personally and in the workplace. Apply relevant national, industry and company policies and procedures for dealing with HIV/ AIDS in the workplace.


First Aid

First Aid Level 1 & Level 2

Realise the value of recognising and providing immediate first aid care in the case of a sudden injury or illness. Be equipped to administer first aid care, in order to preserve a life, until advanced medical personal arrive and takeover from you.


SHE Protection Procedures

Apply SHE protection procedures

Apply relevant safety, health and environmental protection procedures in your place of work to maintain a safe and productive work area. Explain safety, health and environmental objectives, standards and regulations, perform safety inspections, and identify and report on unsafe conditions.