AIR Training, Consulting & Services was proudly established by founder André Willem Uitslag. Coming from a proud South African Air Force background, André justly waves the South African flag and has made his mark in our country’s history. André ended his chapter in the Air Force as a Training Officer with an entrepreneurial dream.

Our humble beginning: In 2000, he took a leap of faith and courageously established AIR Training, Consulting & Services with only his skill set, an old-school Pentium 3 computer, a key board, a monitor and a printer. Our company experienced a huge turning point in 2013 when our team expanded and AIR Training, Consulting & Services finally fully embodied its name.

AIR, André, Ingrid and Robynn Uitslag completed the significance of our company name. Today with over 16 years of determination and experience, our family company stands tall as a strong competitor in the South African market.

“The personal history of a family business is very special, because it is the story of a family and its way of making its mark on the world.”

– Jaffe (1988)


the things that matter

  • A curiosity to pursue as well as inspire growth and learning.
  • Being customer fixated we are passionate about building personal reliable relationships.
  • We insist on going the extra mile to achieve performance excellence and deliver the ‘wow’ factor through teamwork.
  • Craving to empower our customers and equip them with confidence.
  • A commitment to act ethically and maintain a work environment that embodies integrity.
  • Providing current training solutions that are industry focused.


Our deep-rooted core values, history and integrity passed through generations inspires embodiment of altruism. It is all about an inclusive stance towards stakeholders that emanates from working with a passionate team.




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Building skills in South Africa

South Africa’s competitive job market suggests that formal education is no longer enough to secure employment and therefore skills are becoming an additional necessity. Those fortunate enough to be part of South Africa’s workforce, must continually build their knowledge and skills to remain competitive assets.

Developing the talent of the South African workforce is essential for improved workplace performance and economic growth. Credit-bearing short courses makes this manageable and encourages easy access to learning. As a necessary and flexible tool, short courses save time, energy, money and resources – having a particular role in the system of developing employees in the South African market.