Counter-balanced Trucks

Operate counter-balanced lift trucks

Learn how to operate a counter-balanced lift truck in a safe manner, conduct pre-inspections and post-inspections to ensure the performance of the lift truck. Handle the loading and storage of freights. Access emergency systems and services in the event of an incident or accident.


Overhead Gantry Crane

Operate overhead/gantry cranes

Understand the functions, safety and suitability of the crane prior to utilization in the freight handling industry. Inspect and record the operational fitness of the components of a crane and access available support systems and emergency services in case of incidents and accidents.


Advanced Lift Trucks

Operate advanced defined purpose lift trucks

Learn how to operate a battery operated defined purpose lift truck, access emergency support and services in the case of an emergency while operating a lift truck. Identify and classify the load, handle and move the freight and monitor the fitness of the lift truck.